Show Us by The Street Dogg

"Show Us" by The Street Dogg

The Street Dogg wants to hear from you ... if you have something interesting to say.

Gettin' positive feedback from supporters is the next best thing to making music, so tell him what you think.

If you got song ideas you want to share or other suggestions for The Street Dogg, that's cool too.

Just don't waste time bitchin' about stuff. For every song made, there are people who love it and people who hate it and most everybody else is in between.

How to get a message to The Street Dogg

Post a comment on Facebook

Post a comment on Facebook
"Like" The Street Dogg and leave your comments ... he loves interacting with people who like his music.

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Send an old-fashioned Email
As great as social media is, posts and messages don't always find their way to the intended audience. Email still works. :)

Send business inquiries to The Street Dogg

Business Inquiries
Want to use The Street Dogg's music for your Film or TV project? Publishing or copyright question? Please contact management at Arbor Jams Music.